Natural coconut milk cream 98 fl.oz

LQC also produces canned coconut milk from high quality coconuts aged 11-12 months which are carefully selected before processing. After processing, washing and grinding, coconut flesh is pressed to extract the coconut milk.



Coconut milk lite then pasteurised and packaged in tin cans of 400ml and 2,900ml. Production is strictly controlled in compliance with food safety standards, such as ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP which contribute to the product’s safety and high nutritional value.

Coconut milk lite  is used in baking, cooking and desert making. Our products contain only natural ingredients with no sugar added. They are high in calories without containing cholesterol, making it ideal for adding  flavour and healthy fat to recipes.

Canned Coconut milk  lite comes with varying fat contents, from 5-22%, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of purposes.


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